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Newlans Lane Vineyard

Size: 10.2 hectares

Location: 7km south of Heathcote Vines 960x420


  • Shiraz 8 ha
  • Viognier 1.5 ha

The vineyard was initially planted in 1978. Over time, shiraz has become the dominant variety as the Heathcote Region found its place. The Mail Coach shiraz is predominantly derived from here. The wine reflects the vineyard’s maturity, with successive vintages producing consistently high quality shiraz reflecting only seasonal variations. All vines are drip irrigated, however water is used judicially and only when required to maintain vine health during prolonged periods of dry or heat.

Two of our premium shiraz – The Wilkins Shiraz and The Origin Shiraz –  are sourced entirely from Newlans lane, making them both a genuinely “single vineyard” wine

vine2Slaughter House Paddock
Size: 4 hectares
Location: 3km north of Heathcote

  • Shiraz 100%

SHP vinesSome of Heathcote’s oldest plantings, this vineyard has distinct terroir, making it unique in Heathcote and one of the prized vineyards of the Region. Dry grown, nestled on the McIvor Creek and surrounded by Eucalypts, the wine truly reflects a sense of place or provenance which is without peer.





Gnarly old Slaughter House Paddock Shiraz vine